General Knowledge Objective type Question-Answers for SSC CGL and MTS 2018


General Knowledge Objective Type GK Questions and Answers for SSC CGL MTS and CPO Exam 2018. Free Online Study material for Competitive Exams 2018 Get online GK Quiz and Current Affairs Quiz 2018. 

1.The longest National Highway NH7 runs from Varanasi to_________.
a)    Trivandrum
b)    Kanyakumari
c)    Nagapattinam
d)    Ramanathapuram
Answer- b) Kanyakumari
2.The headquarters of Indian Railways is in _________.
a)    Mumbai  
b)    Delhi
c)    Nagpur
d)    Chennai 
Answer – b) Delhi

3. NH47 connects Tamil Nadu and ___________.
a)    Bangalore
b)    Hyderabad
c)    Madurai
d)     Kerala 
Answer- d) Kerala 
4. The shortest National Highways is _________.
a)    NH47A 
b)    NH47
c)    NH7
d)     NH4
Answer – a) NH47A  
5. Cotton is a _________.
a)    Food crop
b)    Cash crop
c)    Plantation crop
d)    Dry crop 
  Answer – b) Cash crop
6. The soil found in the Arid zone is known as_______.            
a)    Desert Soil
b)    Laterite Soil
c)    Black Soil
d)    Alluvial Soil
Answer – a) Desert soil
7. Sunderbans is the Mangrove forest found in______.
a)    West Bengal
b)    Tamil Nadu
c)    Gujarat
d)    Assam
Answer- a) West Bengal
8. Name the product manufactured at Dalmia Nagar.
a)    Jute
b)    Cement
c)    Cars
d)    Plastics 
Answer- b) Cement
9. India’s first satellite was launched during__________.
a)    1920
b)    1980
c)    1975
d)    1985 
Answer- c) 1975
10. Bhilai is famous for_________.
a)    Iron and Steel  
b)    Leather
c)    Railway Coaches  
d)    Aluminium Products 
Answer- a) Iron and Steel  


  1. Q.9 India's first satellite was launched on 19 April 1975 not during 1980

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  3. 5. Cotton is a cash crop not food crop. Plz update it.

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