Sunday, 19 July 2015

Current Affairs Questions for Upcoming Exams

1). Who represented India in United Nation on International Yoga Day(IYD) on 21st June 2015?
     – Sushma Swaraj
2). The Logo for IYD was
    – Yoga for Harmony & Peace
3). Which train was renamed as Yoga Express on IYD?
     - Haridwar Express
4). Book released by Ministry of Ayush on IYD ?
      – Yoga & Islam(Yoga has nothing to do with religion)

5). Who is the Union Minister for AYUSH? 
     – Sripad Naik
6). The creator of Maggie Noodles was?
     – Maggie Julius Michael Johannes in 1860
7). Name the Foof Inspector who took the first sample over Maggie?
    – V K Pandey
8). Name the cruze ship of china capsized in yangtze river killing more than 400 persons? 
    – Eastern Star
9). Name the Actor died recently was famous for legendary character “ Dracula”
     – Sir Christopher Lee
10). Name the controversial Dog Eating Festival of China?
     – Yulin Festival
11). New CEO of Twitter ? 
    – Jack Dorsey
12). Service Tax has been increased from 12.36% to ?
     – 14%
13). Water Based Computer was made by? 
    – Manu Prakashi (a Stanford Scientist)
14). Anti Spitting Law has been passed by?
      – Maharastra Govt
15). Who is known as India’s Greatest Architect?
      – Charles Correa (died recently)
16). New App “Sakaar” has been launched by Govt Of India to highlight achievements of?
     – Department of Space

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