Current Affairs Objective Type Questions for Competitive Exam

           1.  Union Government has announced to observe 7th August as which of the following days?
[A] National Pharmaceutical Day
[B]National Biology Day
[C]National Information Technology Day
[D] National Handloom Day 

            2. ISRO’s PSLV-28 has successfully launched five satellites of which country?
[B]United States
[D]United Kingdom 

           3. Murugappa Gold cup is associated with which of the following sports?

           4. The population of which of the following Territories/Countries is wholly made of immigrants?
[A]Vatican City
[B]American Samoa
[C]Falkland Islands

            5. Recently, which of the following auto makers launched its first compact SUV named Creta in India?
[B]Maruti Suzuki
[C]Tata Motors

         6.  As of July 2015, what is the current nuclear power generation capacity in India?
[A]4430 MW
[B]5780 MW
[C]6020 MW
[D]7040 MW

         7. Which of the following city is host to the Global Rice Bran Oil Conference 2015?

           8.  Alex Rocco, who died recently, was a famous__:

         9. Which of the following schedules of Indian constitution deals with autonomous council in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram?
[A]5th Schedule
[B]6th Schedule
[C]9th Schedule
[D]10th Schedule

         10.  Which of the following is not a mandate of Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM)?
[A]To enhance milk production and productivity of indigenous bovines
[B]To focus on cattle as well as buffalo
[C]To focus on desi as well as foreign breeds
[D]All of the above include in the mandate of RGM

Answers :
1.(D), 2(D), 3(D), 4(A), 5(D), 6(B), 7(B), 8(A), 9(B), 10(C)


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