General Knowledge Objective type questions for competitive Exams

    1.       The moon is :
A)     Comet
B)      *Satellite
C)      Star
D)     planet
     2.       who receives Dronacharya award ?
A)     Scientists
B)      Movie actors
C)      *Sports coaches
D)     Sportsmen

    3.       Who was the first Indian to be-elected to the British Parliament ?
A)     *Dadabhai naoroji
B)      Motilal Nehru
C)      Mahathma Gandhi
D)     Gopalkrishna Gokhale
    4.       In which year India joined the United Nations ?
A)     1954
B)      *1955
C)      1956
D)     1957
    5.       A hole is made in brass plate and it is heated. The size of the hole will
A)     Increase
B)      Decrease
C)      *First increase and then decrease
D)     Remain unchanged
    6.       Which language was patronized by the rules of delhi sultanate ?
A)     Hindi
B)      Arabic
C)      *Persian
D)     Turkish
    7.       Who discovered the magnetic field of electric current ?
A)     Ampere
B)      *Faraday
C)      Fleming
D)     Edison
    8.       Which country leades in the production of rubber ?
A)     Australia
B)      India
C)      *Malaysia
D)     Myanmar
    9.       The panchayat raj is a
A)     One-tier system
B)      Two-tier system
C)      *Three-tier system
D)     Four-tier system
    10.   Which is the most irrigated state in India ?
A)     *Bihar
B)      Punjab
C)      Andhra pradesh
D)     Uttar Pradesh
    11.   Finance commission is appointed after every
A)     2 years
B)      *5 years
C)      7 years
D)     10 years
    12.   Qantas Airways belongs to
A)     *Australia
B)      Germany
C)      France
D)     New zealand
    13.   The Muslims march seven times round the kaaba as path of their Haj pilgrimage in the city of
A)     Riyadh
B)      Mecca
C)      *Rabat
D)     jeddah
    14.   Another name of Vitamin C is
A)     Folic acid
B)      *Ascorbic acid
C)      Niacin
D)     Acetic acid
    15.   What type of mirror is used by motorists to see the road behind them ?
A)     *Convex
B)      Concave
C)      Plane
D)     Concave-convex
    16.   The radiant energy of the sun is due to
A)     Nuclear fission
B)      *Nuclear fusion
C)      Sinking of the sun
D)     Violent explosions
    17.   When iron rusts, the weight
A)     Increases
B)      Decreases
C)      Remains the same
D)     First increases then decreases
    18.   The rising of evening star venus indicates
A)     South pole
B)      North pole
C)      East
D)     *West
    19.   Which of the following crops has the highest photosynthetic activity ?
A)     Cotton
B)      *Sugarcane
C)      Rice
D)     Wheat
    20.   Humidity of the air
A)     *Increases with the increase in atmospheric temperature
B)      Decrease with the increase in atmospheric temperature
C)      Is not affected by the change in atmospheric temperature
D)     Does not show any consistent behavior with the change in atmospheric temperature

* Right Answer 

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