Indian Geography Objective type Questions with Answers

     1.       India is located on which part of Indo-Australian plate
A)     *Northern
B)      Southern
C)      Eastern
D)     Western
     2.       Which one is the lowest point of India
A)     Lonar crater lake
B)      Chilika lake
C)      *Kuttanad
D)     Wular lake

     3.       Patkai mountain range is located in which part of India
A)     *Eastern
B)      Southern
C)      Northern
D)     Western
     4.       India is divided into how many seismic zones according to the earthquake zoning map
A)     3
B)      *4
C)      5
D)     7
     5.       Which is the longest beach in India
A)     Varkala beach
B)      Cavelossim beach
C)      Agonda beach
D)     *Marina beach
     6.       Which one is the largest state areawise in India
A)     *Rajasthan
B)      Gujrat
C)      Madhya Pradesh
D)     Andhra  Pradesh
     7.       Except Assam, river Brahmaputra pass through which state in India
A)     Manipur
B)      West Bengal
C)      *Arunachal Pradesh
D)     Tripura
     8.       How many types of soil found in India
A)     4
B)      *6
C)      8
D)     9
     9.       Which is the only Indian state that share its boundary with Sikkim
A)     Assam
B)      Bihar
C)      Arunachal Pradesh
D)     *West Bengal
     10.   Chenab is a tributary river of which one
A)     Ganga
B)      Brahmaputra
C)      *Indus
D)     Kaveri river


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