GK Questions with Answers for SSC CGL 2016 Objective Type GK

General knowledge is one of the important to crack competitive exams. Here we lot of free gk study material which you can learn. Complete study material of GK Free online test series and Quiz. Objective type gk questions with answers. 

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Objective Type GK Questions with Answers

     1.       Sea route to India was discovered by
A.      Columbus
B.      B. Amundsen
C.      Vasco–da–gama
D.      None of these
     2.       The Aryans came from Central Asia to India around
A.      8000
B.      6500 B.C
C.      3500 B.C.
D.      2500 B.C.
     3.       Which one of the following was the port city of the Indus Valley Civilisation?
A.      Harappa
B.      Kalibangan
C.      Lothal
D.      Mohenjodara
     4.       Rig Veda is believed by the historians to have been written when it was
A.      Stone Age
B.      Copper Age
C.      Bronze Age
D.      Beginning of Iron Age
     5.       Babar entered India for the first time through
A.      Sind
B.      Punjab
C.      Kashmir
D.      Rajasthan
     6.       Who said that there was no Slavery in India?
A.      Fahien
B.      Strabo
C.      Heiun Tsang
D.      Megasthenese
    7.       Mahabharata war took place in
A.      500 AD
B.      900 BC
C.      1000 BC
D.      1200 BC
     8.       The magnificient temple at Halebid was established by
A.      Cholas
B.      Pandyas
C.      Hosysalas
D.      Naickers
     9.       India derives its name from
A.      The Hindus
B.      The Aryans
C.       Lord Indra
D.      The River Indus
    10.   A national religion called Din–i–Illahi was promulgated by
A.       Akbar
B.      Babur
C.      Humayun
D.      Aurangazeb

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