How to Score More in English in SSC Exam ?

If you’re worried because you’re not so good in English, then it’s time to stop worrying as the paper consists of basic grammar and composition. The questions can be easily solved as they are majorly from board level. The topics that you need to focus mainly on are- idioms & phrases, synonyms, antonyms, active & passive voices, use of verbs and one word substitutions.
Tips to score good in English :
  1. The best way to start with is to set your basics and fundamentals of the language clear. You can go through some good grammar books like ‘Wren n Martin’, and revise it properly.
  2. To attain command over the language, you need to read more and more. The reading and writing practice is essential for scoring good in the paper as it will help you to learn new words and sentences, making the subject easier for you.
  3. Go through the previous years’ question papers as it will give you an idea of the kind of questions that have been generally asked. Look for SSC study material that are available online and offline and go for mock tests.
  4. Make a huge repository of words as it will help in making your vocabulary stronger and will also boost your confidence level. Remember, the more you remember words and their meanings, the language would become easier for you.
  5. Most of the aspirants find the English section to be the most difficult and if you too are one of them, following the above tips with an effective and achievable strategy will surely help you. What you can also do is buy SSC preparation books for English to make the preparation process easier.
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