GK Questions for upcoming SSC IBPS and UPSC Exams 2016 Objective Type Questions

GK Objective type Questions and Answers for Upcoming SSC IBPS and UPSC Exams 2016. Download pdf GK Tricks to Learn. Daily GK Updates and Current Affairs. All the Answers are given below. Try to attempt all questions and Check Answers below . You can also check Our Tips and Tricks

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     1.    When did the British make English the medium of instruction in India?
A.    1813
B.    1833
C.   1835
D.   1836

     2.    Which of the following feature of Indian constitution was borrowed from U.S.A.?
A.    Rule of law
B.    Fundamental Right
C.   Rigid Constitution
D.   Directive principles of state policy

     3.    The parliament is empowered to make laws on any subject of the state list during –
A.     Election
B.    War
C.   Agitation
D.   Emergency

     4.    Seasonal migration of people is known as –
A.    Pastoralism
B.    Nomadism
C.   Intra migration
D.   Transhumance

     5.    In Bollywood, the actress popularly known as 'Dream Girl' is –  
A.    Zeenat Aman
B.    Helen
C.   Hema Malini
D.   Madhubala

     6.    ICMR is the abbreviation for - 
A.    International Council for Malarial Research
B.    Indian Council of Medical Research
C.   International Council of Medical Research
D.   Indian Council of Microbial Research

     7.    The first indigenous silent film - 
A.    Alam Ara
B.    Raja Harishchandra
C.   Bhakta Prahlad
D.   Mother India

     8.    Rubber is a product of –
A.    Fibre
B.    Latex
C.   Resin
D.   Gum

     9.    The food corporation of was established in the year –
A.   1965
B.   1966
C.   1976
D.   1969

     10. The book entitled 'Spell Tiger' is written by –
A.    Jim Corbet
B.    Valmik Thapar
C.   Sy Montgomery
D.   Atul Sethi

      2.    B
      3.    D
      4.    D
      5.    C
       6.    B
       7.    B
       8.    B
       9.    A
      10. C

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