Important GK Questions for SSC MTS ,CGL and CPO Exams 2016

Important gk and current affairs objective type questions for ssc mts and cpo exams 2016 2017. General Awareness for upcoming Exams 2016-17. GK updates and important questions for ssc 2016. MTS is going to conduct the Multi Tasking Staff Recruitment Exam in the month of April 2017. Get free study material and current affairs. 

1. Who of the following has been conferred with 2015 Sangita Kalanidhi award?
[A]Sudha Ragunathan
[B]Trichur Ramachandran
[C]Sanjay Subrahmanyam
[D]T V Gopalakrishnan 

2. Which of the following States is planning to construct the first ever underwater road tunnel in the country?
[A]Tamil Nadu
[C]Andhra Pradesh

3. Bajrang Punia is related to which of the following sports?

4. The headquarters of the Reporters Without Borders (RWB), an international NGO, are located at which city?
[A]New York

5. Subir Sen, who passed away recently, was related to which of the following fields?
[C]Human rights activist

6. Which of the following countries new Parliament building is built by India?

7. Arunima Sinha is related to which of the following fields?

8. Which of the following states celebrate the Raja Rani Music Festival?
[C]Tamil Nadu

9. Who of the following has been appointed as the CMD of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)?
[A]Nikhil Chopra
[B]Amitabh Mathur
[C]B P Rao
[D]Atul Sobti 

10. Which of the following state governments has launched the Janma Bhoomi – Maa Vooru programme?
[B]Andhra Pradesh
[C] Telangana

11. What is the mascot of the 2016 South Asian Games?

12. Who of the following Indians have won the 2016 Queen’s Young Leaders award?
[A]Ramesh Kapil & Sudha Madhavi
[B]Ramesh Kapil & Neha Swain
[C]Kartik Sawhney & Neha Swain
[D]Kartik Sawhney & Sudha Madhavi 

13. On which date, the National Energy Conservation Day is observed in India?
[A]January 11
[B]December 14
[C]March 15
[D]June 29 

14. Which of the following countries has been hit by the powerful Typhoon Melor, recently?

15. Who of the following has been named as the 2015 European Tour Golfer of the Year?
[A]Phil Mickelson
[B]Justin Rose
[C]Rory McIlroy
[D]Jordan Spieth 

16. Galkynysh natural gas field is located in which of the following countries?

17. Who of the following has received the prestigious International Human Rights Award for the year 2015?
[A]John Carol
[B]Leo Cornelio
[C]Maria Stephen
[D]Fulton Sheen 

18. Who of the following is the author of the book titled – ‘flood of Fire’?
[A]Jhumpa Lahiri
[B]Anita Desai
[C]Amitav Ghosh
 [D]Vikram Seth 

19. India’s first National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) has been set up in which city?
[B]New Delhi

20. Who of the following has been awarded the 2016 Genesis prize?
[A]Jonathan Zalman
[B]Michael Bloomberg
[C]Michael Douglas
[D]Itzhak Perlman 

     1.    [C] 
     2.    [C]
     3.    [C]
     4.    [B]
     5.    [A]
     6.    [B]
     7.    [C]
     8.    [D]
     9.    [D]
     10.  [B]
     11.  [C]
     12.  [C]
     13.  [B]
     14.  [C]
     15.  [C]
     16.  [D]
     17.  [B]
     18.  [C]
     19.  [B]
     20.  [D]

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