Tips on Solving Input/Output Questions for ssc cgl

Problem 1. (Qs. 1 to 5). In an SSB interview for the NDA, a group testing officer allocates the following instructions to the candidates divided into 7 groups, who have to perform the tasks according to the input: 
Group I: Monkey crawling long jump and rope climbing.
Group II: Monkey crawling rope jump and long climbing.
Group III: Rope crawling Monkey climbing long and jump.
Group IV: Climbing Monkey crawling rope jump and long.
Group V: Climbing Monkey and rope jump crawling long. and so on ...

The questions below are based on logic given above.
1. If the task of IInd group is “Nothing is without be achieved to determination” then which will be the VI group?

(1) Without is nothing determination to achieved to
(2) Achieved nothing determination to is be without
(3) Nothing is achieved without be to determination
(4) Data is inadequate
(5) None of these

2. If “Terrorism Bush job incurbing remarkable did a” is Vth group task then which is “Bush did incurbing remarkable job a terrorism” group?

(1) V 
(2) IV 
(3) II
(4) VI 
(5) None of these

3. Asad is first selected for Ist group “you are my inspiration, guide and instructor”, after some time he was shifted to group IV. What is his new group task?

(1) Instructor you are and inspiration guide my
(2) You are my guide instructor and inspiration
(3) Inspiration and guide instructor you are my
(4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these

4. If the last (7th) group is “Not job you for this selected are” then which group is Ist?

(1) You are selected for this not job.
(2) Selected for this job you are not.
(3) Not you are selected for this job.
(4) You are not selected for this job.
(5) None of these

5. If the task of VI group is “pollution is becoming cause of deadly diseases” then what is third (IIIrd) group?

(1) Pollution is cause of deadly diseases becoming
(2) Diseases becoming is cause of deadly pollution
(3) Becoming is pollution diseases deadly of cause
(4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these

The above questions will be solved thus:

Group 1 to 2: Based on arrangements of words to different positions. The third word of previous group becomes sixth and sixth becomes third, interchanging their places.

Group 2 to 3: First three words get reversed and so the group of last four. Group 3 to 4: Next time we reverse the group of first 4 words and then the last three.

Group 4 to 5: In group 5 same rule follows as in group 1 to group

2. To solve the problems more easily we can give numbers to each word.

G. 1. Monkey(1) crawling(2) long(3) jump(4) and(5) rope(6) climbing(7).

G. 2. Monkey(1) crawling(2) long(6) jump(4) and(5) rope(3) climbing(7).

G. 3. Monkey(6) crawling(2) long(1) jump(7) and(3) rope(5) climbing(4).

G. 4. Monkey(7) crawling(1) long(2) jump(6) and(4) rope(5) climbing(3).

G. 5. Monkey(7) crawling(1) long(5) jump(6) and(4) rope(2) climbing(3).

G. 6. Monkey(5) crawling(1) long(7) jump(3) and(2) rope(4) climbing(6).

G.7. Monkey(3) crawling(7) long(1) jump(5) and(6) rope(4) climbing(2).

Here it ends because groups are 7 only.

Q. 1. Ans. 2. Group II is: Nothing(1) is(2) without(6) be(4) achieved(5) to(3) determination(7).

In same logic group VI will be Achieved(5) nothing(1) determination(7) to(3) is(2) be(4) without(6).

Q. 2. Ans. 3 Group V is: Terrorism(7) Bush(1) job(5) incurbing(6) remarkable(4) did(2) a(3).

It can also be solved by going back: but the above system is more convenient. So Bush(1) did(2) incurbing(6) remarkable(4) job(5) a(3) terrorism(7) will be Group II.

Q. 3. Ans. 1. Group I is: You(1) are(2) my(3) inspiration(4) guide(5) and(6) instructor(7). Group IV will be Instructor(7) you(1) are(2) and(6) inspiration(4) guide(5) my(3).

Q. 4. Ans. 4 Last group (VII) is: Not(3) job(7) you(1) for(5) this(6) selected(4) are(2). In same logic Ist Group is: You(1) are(2) not(3) selected(4) for(5) this(6) job(7).

Q. 5. Ans 5. Group VI is: Pollution(5) is(1) becoming(7) cause(3) of(2) deadly(4) diseases(6). Group III will be: Diseases(6) of(2) is(1) becoming(7) cause(3) pollution(5) deadly(4).

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