English Passage Reading Comprehension for Competitive Exams 2016-2017

English Passage  for SSC cgl , IBPS and UPSC Exams 2016 -2017. Free Online test on Passage Reading Comprehension. Read the complete passage carefully and give your answer of the questions asked below :  
Passage : Recent technological advancement in manned and unmanned undersea vehicles, overcome some of the limitations of divers equipment. Without a vehicle, divers often became sluggish and their mental concentration was limited.
Because of undersea pressure that affected their mind, concentration among divers was difficult or impossible. But today, most oceanographers make observations by means of instruments that are lowered into the ocean or from samples taken from the water. Direct observations of the ocean floor are made not only by the divers, but also by deep-diving submarines. Some of these submarines can dive to depths of more than several miles and cruise at depths of 15 thousand feet. Radio equipped buoys can be operated by remote control in order to transmit information back to land-based laboratories including data about water temperature, currents and weather. Some of mankind’s most serious problems, especially those concerning energy and food may be solved with the help of observations made possible by these undersea vehicles.  

 Answer the Following Questions :

1. With what topic is the passage primarily concerned ?
(A) Recent technological advances
(B) Communication among divers
(C) Direct observation of the ocean floor
(D) Undersea vehicles
Answer : (D)
2. Divers have had problems in concentrating underwater because—
(A) The pressure affected their minds
(B) The vehicles they used have not been perfected
(C) They did not think clearly
(D) The pressure destroyed their mental processes
Answer : (A)
3. This passage suggests that the successful exploration of the ocean depends upon—
(A) Vehicles as well as divers
(B) Radio that divers use to communicate
(C) Controlling currents and the weather
(D) Removal of the limitations of diving equipment
Answer : (A)
4. Undersea vehicles—
(A) Are too small for a man to fit inside
(B) Are very slow to respond
(C) Have the same limitations that divers have
(D) Make direct observations of the ocean floor
Answer : (D)
5. How is a radio-equipped buoy most likely to be operated ?
(A) By operators inside the vehicle and underwater
(B) By operators outside the vehicle on a ship
(C) By operators outside the vehicle on a diving platform
(D) By operators outside the vehicle in a laboratory on the shore
Answer : (D)


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