General Knowledge Questions and Answers pdf Download GS for Competitive Exams 2016

General Knowledge Objective type Questions and Test series for SSC IBPS and UPSC free Online Test Series. Download pdf GK Questions with Answers . Here we have Previous Year Questions with answers of SSC CGL . 
1.       Name the Indian who has won silver medal in 2015 Korea Open Badminton Tournament?
A.     Ajay Jayaram
B.     Chetan Anand
C.     Aditya Joshi
D.    Sanave Thomas
Answer : A

2.      Ladakh Festival is celebrated at which of the following state?
A.     Uttar Pradesh
B.     Bihar
C.     Rajasthan
D.    Jammu and Kashmir
Answer : D

3.      How much fund has been allotted for the National Integrated Power Development Scheme?
A.     Rs. 45,000 Crore
B.     Rs. 50,000 Crore
C.     Rs. 35,000 Crore
D.    Rs. 40,000 Crore
Answer : A

4.      Name the Indian Cricketer who has received the honorary life membership by the Cricket Club of India?
A.     M S Dhoni
B.     Virat Kohli
C.     Ajinkya Rahane
D.    Sachin Tendulkar
Answer : C

5.      Which of the following country has recently adopted new constitution to make the country’s transition to a secular and democratic republic?
A.     Maldives
B.     Sri Lanka
C.     Bangaldesh
D.    Nepal
Answer : D

6.      Who is the winner of 2015 Singapore Grand Prix of Formula One?
A.     Sebastian Vettel
B.     Nico Hulkenberg
C.     Nico Rosberg
D.    Danieal Ricciardo
Answer : A

7.      Who is the current President of Nepal?
A.     Abdulla Yameen
B.     Ram Baran Yadav
C.     Abdul Hamid
D.    Thein Sein
Answer : B

8.     Who is the winner of Jnangarima Manad Alankaran Award of Bharatiya Jnanpith?
A.     Satyapal Anand
B.     Syed Waheed Ashraf 
C.     Syed Amin Ashraf
D.    Shamim Hanf
Answer : D

9.      Who is the author of “Hollywood Wives”?
A.     Viola Davis
B.     Michael Cristofer
C.     Jackie Collins
D.    Kylie Travis
Answer : C

10.  .International Day of Peace was observed on 21st September 2015. What is its theme for the year 2015?
A.     Learn to Love-Love Makes Peace
B.     Make Peace from your Home
C.     World Needs Peace and Prosperity
D.    Partnerships for PeaceDignity for all
Answer : D

11.   What will be the India’s GDP growth forecast for the current financial year as per recent Asian Development Bank forecast?
A.      6.1%
B.       6.9%
C.      7.1%
D.      7.4%
Answer : D

12.  Who has been appointed as the New Managing Director of Harley Davidson India?
A.     Vikram Pawah
B.      A M Naik  
C.     Siddhartha Lal
D.    Anoop Prakash
Answer : A

13.  Which country has declared, Cow as their National Animal?
A.     Maldives
B.     Nepal
C.      Bangladesh
D.    Sri Lanka
Answer : B

14.  What is the name of the India’s Fast Patrol Vessel which has been commissioned in the naval dockyard in Mumbai?
A.     ICGS Akshay
B.     ICGS Kamorta
C.      ICGS Apoorva
D.    ICGS Airvat
Answer : C

15.   Who is the winner of the 24th Vyaas Samman?
A.     Kamal Kishore Goenka
B.     David Prasad
C.     Shekar Roy Pandey
D.    Vignesh Kumar Yadav
Answer : A

16.  Google has joined hands with which of the following organization to launch Android Developer Nanodegree programme?
A.     Microsoft
B.     Idea
C.     Reliance
D.    Tata Trusts
Answer : D

17.   Which of the following state assembly has passed the Vexation Litigation Prevention Bill, 2015 to prevent the filing of baseless cases and misuse of laws for personal benefits?
A.     Punjab
B.     Assam
C.     Bihar
D.    Rajasthan
Answer : D

18.  5th International Pars Wushu Cup was held at _______.
A.     Kabul
B.     Tehran
C.     Astana
D.    Tashkent
Answer : B

19.  Korea Caravan 2015 is related to which of the following state?
A.     Assam
B.     Andhra Pradesh
C.     Madhya Pradesh
D.    Maharashtra
Answer : B

20. First Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre (ISLRTC) will be inaugurated at _______.
A.     Punjab
B.      Pune
C.     New Delhi
D.    Mumbai
Answer : C

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