Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Maths Questions asked in CGL on 30th August 2016 Quantitative Aptitude

1. if p^2+q^2=7pq ; (p/q)+(q/p)=?
2. if x+(1/x)=squar root of 3 ; x^3+(1/x)^3=?
3. if (a/b)+(b/a)=1 ; a^3+b^3=? 
4. if 7(sinx)^2+3(cosx)^2=4 ; secx+cosecx=?
5. if x^2=(sin30)^2-4(tan45)^2+(cos60)^2 ; x=? (x>0).
6. if x=99 ; 2(x^2+3x+3)=?

7. if a's share is 150% more than that of b ; by what % is the b's share less than that of a?

यदि किसी घडी में प्रत्येक दिन(24 घंटे में) 15 मिनट समय आगे बढ जाता हैं तो ये बताये की अगर 12 बजे दोपहर में समय सही था तो अगले दिन सुबह 8 बजे घडी में कितना समय प्रदर्शित होगा.
1) 04:30
2) 04:40
3) 04:20
4) 04:10

Review : 
Today(30-08-2016) I wrote my SSC CGL Exam Batch 1. Exam questions are Good and easy - moderate. but we wrote exam for only 1:03 mins. ssc board failed in conducting exam. at first the website hanged for 13-15 mins then invigilator said to re-login and exam continued. but it showed the time started from 01:03:34. in the middle of the exam the time counter stopped so many times. this happened in Visakhapatnam AVN polytechnic college. it is a loss for the candidate. WORST SITUATION.

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  1. please post ssc cgl 30th august shift 2 trigonometric questions


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